Tom Axworthy

Nathon Gunn

Callan Burgess
Michael Corcoran
Tyler Moore
Julie Burch
Scott Nihill

Lead Designer
Callan Burgess

Programming & Design
Bob Taylor
Tyler Moore
John O’Neill

History Advisors
Thomas Axworthy
Brian Rice
Stephane Levesque
Ron Robert
Dick Nielsen
Francis Back

Art & Animation & Design
Aki “aaglo” Neuvonen
Bob Taylor
Michael Clark
Todd Major
Alastair Snaith
Greg Boyle
Adam Beardsley
Duane Wysynski
Philippe Cote-Leger
Mark Pellegrino
Scott Nihill
Rob Keogh
Natasha Macdonald
Agi Gutkowska
Duane Wall
Oli Goldsmith
Miguel Sternberg
Ryan Bierma
Charlie van Warmerdam
Torey Hickman
Jonathan Hill (Plotinus)
Tom Burns Rogers
Maria Ciancio

Additional Tools & Support
Chris Allen
Matthew Shelley
Ulysses Pabuna
Stephane David

Patricia O’Callaghan
Donald Quan
Andy Morris
Brian Macmillan

Video & Audio Production
Mark Pellegrino
Bernard Gauthier

Production Assistant
Rob Keogh
Serena Lee
Lesley Chan
Tessa Liem
Raj Persaud

Site Design
Todd Major
Mike Edwards

Alanna Fitzgerald-Husek
Lara Fitzgerald-Husek
Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurs – Memorial University
Catherine Cornelius
Rob Keogh

Marie-Catherine Gagne
Ann Denny
Louise Lannon
Léonie Lalancette

Produced with the support of:

Telefilm Canada
Administrator of The Canada New Media Fund funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage

Helping all Canadians come to know the fascinating stories that make our country unique

Images courtesy of:
Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives
The Centre for Newfoundland Studies, Memorial University Libraries
 Government of Ontario Art Collection, Archives of Ontario
Simcoe County Museum
University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin