Canada – A New World


For thousands of years the aboriginals have taken meat from the forests, fish from the rivers and grain from the soil — and settled inter-tribal disputes with sharpened flint. Now their way of life is about to be tested, for the year is 1525 and large boats of wood carrying a different, pale-skinned man have arrived off the eastern shores of a land which is surprisingly not India or China. The struggle for survival begins anew. Can the Europeans carve a niche for themselves in the ‘New World’? Will the aboriginal inhabitants prosper with the new opportunities or struggle with new challenges?


New France Period (1525 – 1763)


Ojibwe, Huron, Mohawk, Algonquin, Montagnais, Mi’kmaq, Abenaki, France, England


Cod, Corn, Beaver, Tobacco, Game, Hides

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